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About Us

C2Space Tech LLC is your partner in pioneering the future of operations and technology in space and near-space environments. Our mission is to empower companies, teams, and individuals to expand the envelope of survivability in the most challenging and unforgiving arenas. We specialize in risk mitigation and innovation for these extraordinary realms.

Consulting: C2Space Tech brings depth and breadth to the table. We offer tailored consulting services to help your organization navigate the complex landscape of mitigating risk in space and near-space environments. We provide the insights and strategies to identify and mitigate operational risks.

Research: Innovation thrives on knowledge. C2Space Tech is committed to cutting-edge research. While C2Space Tech conducts research internally, it is also available to design, develop, and run research projects needed to answer your mission-critical questions.

Investments: We believe in the potential of visionary ideas to grow and improve the space industry. C2Space Tech actively invests in technology that pioneers solutions for space, space-like, and near-space environments, ranging from training to software and hardware. If you have a groundbreaking concept and are seeking strategic investment, we offer the support and capital required to bring your innovation to fruition.

C2Space Tech LLC is a woman-owned business.

Why C2Space Tech LLC?

Unparalleled Expertise: Our team includes aerospace medicine physicians, former NASA flight surgeons, space lawyers, and business leadership with a profound understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities presented by projects in space and near space.

Innovation as a Core Value: We foster a culture of innovation, driving the development of cutting-edge solutions that redefine what's possible in space and near space.

Strategic Consulting: Our consulting services are customized to meet your specific needs, ensuring you have a clear path to success in even the most challenging environments.

Giugi Carminati is an attorney, space lawyer, and entrepreneur. She is a certified legal project manager, an eDiscovery specialist, and CIPP/E certified. She is the legal and operational lead for C2Space Tech LLC.

Check out Giugi's video channel, @GeekLikeAGirl, and her scuba diving and underwater safety videos, "The Careful Diver."

Jon Clark is an aerospace medicine physician, former navy diver, and NASA flight surgeon. He is medical lead for C2Space Tech LLC.

Check out Jon's YouTube channel, Jonathan Clark Space Medicine Talks.


Dr. Alex Garbino, MD, PhD, MPH

Alex Garbino is an aerospace and emergency medicine physician, with deep knowledge of field, decompression, and high-altitude medicine. His career includes serving as an EVA Scientist with NASA, being Lead Physiological Monitor on high-altitude jumps.